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At The Agency, we specialize in working with every kind of client, in ANY type of market! We have a wide variety of homes at our fingertips that aren’t available on most websites. We also supply accurate information, unlike the Zestimate (Trademarked), and offer FREE HOME EVALUATIONS to our friends and clients. Why, you might ask? It’s simple: we’re passionate about what we do AND eager to assist you.

So, now tell us… What are you in the market for?



There are a lot of agents in town using scare tactics and “old hat” to convince potential buyers, such as yourself, to buy buy buy before the market skyrockets! But not our Agents.
While many areas here in town are seeing prices increase, there are still tons of great buys out there waiting for you! You just have to know where to look…



Short Sale

Once upon a time in the not so distant past, agents and lawyers made a killing charging wild fees for something as simple as Short Sale assistance. At The Agency, our clients don’t pay a dime to Short Sale their homes.
Whether you’re in need of some professional advice that won’t leave your pockets turned inside-out, or ready to be above the water instead of under it, our Short Sale Department is standing by. Your life vest is only a click away…

Traditional Sale

“Where the heck is the market going? Is it trending up or down? Should I sell now, or wait until prices are at another all-time high?” These are all wonderful questions with short and easy answers…


Every Property Management website will tell you how professional, experienced and outright the best they are. What they don’t tell you is how you are just another number in the vast pool of clients that they have. Your property will go through the exact same motions as every other property in their system and it could take weeks for you to rent your home, perhaps even months!

At The Agency you get exactly what you pay for: personalized marketing approaches to attract stable renters, courteous service and a real-time live update with individualized reports. From 24 hour a day maintenance to elite tenant screening, and random property checks on tenants to insure your peace of mind, we cater to YOU!

Find out today how we can maximize your investments and put more money into your pocket than you’ve ever dreamed of…



If you’re searching for a home to rent, then look no further! At The Agency, we view our rental clients as the absolute cream of the crop! Renting today could mean Buying (insert link to buyers) tomorrow! We’ll not only help you find the rental property of your dreams but put you in touch with our qualified Mortgage Specialist (insert lender link) who is able to work WITH YOU towards achieving all of your home ownership goals.
Don’t just settle for renting for life! You could have options…

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